A Place of Refuge that Quells the Turbulent Sea of Suffering


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We know that it can be a little intimidating to visit a meditation center or monastery for the first time. However, we do everything we can to make you feel welcome and comfortable. All classes are suitable for any individual regardless of their level of experience or interest. Everyone is welcome regardless of their beliefs; therefore, you do not need to be a Buddhist to attend.

People from all walks of life attend classes at the monastery. For some people, coming to the Monastery means learning how to meditate, but for others, it means learning more about Buddhist methods and philosophy. During teaching and meditation sessions, we sit on cushions, but if this is uncomfortable, you may sit in a chair. After the class, participants are welcome to stay and socialize. There is no physical exercise, yoga, or stretching involved in any of our classes.

Generally, all classes following this simple process:

  1. opening prayers
  2. teaching/mediation
  3. Q & A
  4. closing prayers and dedication


Regularly Scheduled Programs

Bi-Weekly, Wednesday, 6:30 PM: Discussion/Meditation Sessions

Typically, Dharma practitioners who attend the monastery determine the focus of these bi-weekly Wednesday meetings. Sometimes the purpose is to explore the teachings discussed during our Saturday meetings, or explore issues that have arisen during the week given our lived-experiences or clarify questions that have come up as a consequence of our individual studies. And on some occasions, the sessions may be used to learn how to perform various Buddhist rituals or learn how to read and recite prayers written in the Tibetan script.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to use this time as opportunities to practice meditation, knowing that developing concentration and insight assist in attaining the ultimate goal: Enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Ultimately, our intention is to help participants integrate the Dharma into their daily lives by providing the opportunity to explore the intersection of the Dharma and the lived experience. Everyone is welcome.

Saturday, 10:30 AM: Introduction to Buddhism

This class introduces students to the fundamentals of Buddhism by explaining some its essential principles. Topics include: determining what makes one a Buddhist, understanding our dharma practice in terms of our everyday experiences, the nature of suffering, the importance of a spiritual guide, refuge, karma and rebirth, loving-kindness, compassion and Bodhichitta, meditation, and the wisdom realizing emptiness. The “lecture” is the typical teaching format used; it is a style that would be familiar to anyone who has attended high school or college. The goal is to help participants integrate the teachings into their daily lives and this is achieved by integrating everyday examples into the lecture and by allocating time at the end of the sessions for participants to ask questions.

Please visit our event calendar for up-to-date information.


In keeping with a centuries-old tradition and by following the advice of our kind masters, we offer the dharma free of charge to anyone who wishes to attend. However, in order to benefit every sentient being, the monastery must meet its monthly expenses, and to that end, we appreciate any donation that helps to support our mission. No donation is too small. The power of any contribution depends on the motivation in donor’s heart; therefore, contributions of any size made with a positive motivation to help all beings can lead to many wonderful results. Since Dagom Geden Kunkyob Ling is a 501(c)(3) non-profit religious organization, all financial contributions are tax deductible.