A Place of Refuge that Quells the Turbulent Sea of Suffering

Regularly Scheduled Program


Discussion/Meditation Sessions | Bi-Weekly, Wednesday, 6:30 PM

This class offers an opportunity to discuss various issues related to the practice of Buddhism in more depth, become familiar with various meditation techniques, learn how to read and recite various prayers written in the Tibetan script, and learn how to perform various rituals. Ultimately, the goal is to help participants integrate the Dharma into their daily lives by providing the opportunity to explore the intersection of the Dharma and the lived experience.


Introduction to Buddhism | Saturday, 10:30 am

This weekly class focuses on a series of Lam-rim topics and explores other Buddhist texts. Some of the essential Buddhist topics include, but are not limited to, determining what makes one a Buddhist, the nature of suffering, the importance of a spiritual guide, refuge, karma and rebirth, loving-kindness, compassion and Bodhichitta, meditation, and the wisdom realizing emptiness. The intention is to provide students with a foundation in Buddhism. This is an ongoing course, which meets every Saturday, and everyone is welcome.


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