(Treasure Vase Blessing Ceremony)

Day 1: Thursday, August 15, 2019

Day 2: Friday, August 16, 2019


Everyone involved in the Yangdup Puja, whether they are sponsors, volunteers, participants or guests (seen and unseen), will reap a multitude of benefits and a steady flow of merits.

For Sponsors: Those who contribute in cash or in kind for the replenishment of the items in the Bhumba (Treasure Vase), as well as for the offerings in the Yangdup puja, will enjoy a multitude of benefits (e.g., create the causes for wealth, abundance and all the necessary resources for virtuous endeavors in this and future lives; create the causes for all forms of increase – swifter healing, longer lifespan, quicker attainments and so forth; create the causes to achieve the paramita of generosity). And as long as the Treasure Vase is in existence, all past, present and future sponsors will receive a continuous stream of merits that will fuel their spiritual practice in this and future lives.

For Participants: Those who participate in the Yangdup puja as guests, volunteers or organizers also enjoy a multitude of benefits: they gain blessings from the positive energies generated by the prayers and rituals performed, even if one does not know or did not recite the prayers, they receive the blessings of long life, wealth, success, wish fulfillment and merits by touching the auspicious items that were passed around during the puja (i.e., such as the Eight Auspicious Substances); by reciting prayers and mantras during the puja, one purifies negative karma and fosters the accumulation of merits; one increases their resources, success, prosperity, abundance and spiritual riches when one’s personal Wealth Vase is reenergized during the puja, and for those who are not yet on the Dharma path, the puja plants Dharmic imprints in their minds and blessing from the puja help them gain wisdom, realizations and attainments. Moreover, participants also receive blessings from partaking in the Tsog offering, since the Tsog has been blessed through ritual.

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