Wednesday, October 24, 2018, 6:30 PM


One may experience many obstacles in life that could cause an untimely death. In order to prolong one’s life and to have longevity in one’s future lives, one needs powerful ways to collect a lot of merit. Taking long-life initiations and reciting the mantras of long-life deities are very effective and powerful way to increase one’s merit. Buddhism teaches that we are the creators of our suffering, and since everything depends on mind, all our problems, including issues of health and longevity, arise from the mind and its concepts. Venerable Tara rescues us from disease, illness and other “external” health factors at the relative level and at the ultimate level, she protects our mind by preventing the rise of attachment, aversion and ignorance. Since Tara is very close to sentient beings, like a mother to her children, White Tara is extremely powerful and is very quick to fulfill our wishes, increase our wisdom, and grant us happiness. Therefore, by taking refuge, practicing meditation, and having faith in Tara, one has the power to remove obstacles and prolong one’s life. Therefore, the White Tara Long-Life Initiation (Dolkar Tsewang) is very beneficial she heals the wounds in our bodies and minds, prolonging our health and increasing our longevity.

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