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Lamrim, Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, is the backbone of Tibetan Buddhism. It is a special set of instructions that includes the essential teachings of the Buddha arranged in such a way that the teachings can be put into practice in a single meditation session. It was compiled by the great Indian Buddhist Master Atisha, who was invited to Tibet by King Jangchub Ö in AD 1042, and who spent the rest of his life there spreading the Dharma. There is a completely pure and unbroken lineage of these Lamrim instructions from Buddha Shakyamuni up to our present-day Spiritual Guides, and many teachers have said that it is more important to gain experience of Lamrim than it is to attain clairvoyance, miracle powers, or high social status. This is true because in previous lives we have often possessed clairvoyance and potent
miracle powers, and many times in the past we have been in the highest positions in the human and god realms, but despite these achievements, we continue to experience uncontrolled rebirth and physical and mental suffering
caused by anger, attachment, jealousy, and confusion.

First, we must understand the value of Lamrim, and then by joyfully and patiently doing the meditations, we shall gradually experience the fruits of our Lamrim practice. Eventually, we shall attain freedom from all suffering and experience the unchanging peace and happiness of enlightenment.

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