Four Noble Truths

Thursday, October 25, 2018, 6:30 PM

The Four Noble Truths are the truths of the Noble Ones, the Aryas; they are the truths or realities understood by the Aryas who have attained nirvana. These four truths are the Buddha’s basic teaching, encapsulating the entire Buddhist path, and because they liberate us from suffering, they can also be seen as noble.

1. The Truth of Suffering (Dukkha): The word dukkha has been variously translated as ‘suffering’, ‘anguish’, ‘pain’, or ‘unsatisfactoriness,’ and the Buddha’s insight was that our lives was a struggle: we do not find ultimate happiness or satisfaction in anything we experience. This is the problem of existence because life always involves suffering, in obvious and subtle ways. Even when things seem good, we always feel an undercurrent of anxiety and uncertainty.

2. The Truth of the Origin of Suffering (Samudāya): The cause of suffering is craving and fundamental ignorance. We suffer because of our mistaken belief that we are a separate, independent, solid “I.” Our painful and futile struggle to maintain this delusion is the fundamental cause of our cyclic existence, our presence in samsara.

3. The Truth of the Cessation of Suffering (Nirodha): The good news is that our obscurations are temporary. They are analogous to the passing clouds that obscure the sun, our enlightened nature, which is always present. Therefore, suffering can end because our obscurations can be purified; the awakened mind is always available to us.

4. The Truth of Path to the Cessation of Suffering (Magga): By living ethically, practicing meditation, and developing wisdom, we can take the same path taken by the Buddhas in our journey to freedom and enlightenment. We too can wake up.

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